Our worship services are held on Sunday morning at 10:45 and Wednesday evening at 6:30.

Worshipers may wear what ever feels comfortable to either service

Holy Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month at our usual morning service.  Holy Communion is offered every Wednesday.

Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper is open to all believer's.  Our method of communion is called "intinction" which is the dipping of the bread into the cup thereby receiving both elements together.  The congregation comes forward for communion.  You are invited to pray at the communion rail following the receiving of the elements.

 Baptism in the United Methodist Church is a once in a lifetime rite in the church.  We believe God is the actor in baptism, working through the pastor.  God is faithful to God's promises, even if we turn away.  Therefore, we do not baptize again.  Anyone of any age may be baptized.  Methodists believe in baptism for the infants of believing parents. We also believe that if a person is not baptized as an infant this person may be baptized when they come to faith after their childhood. Methodists baptize by sprinkling, or pouring, or by immersion. For infant baptism, sprinkling is the method used and this sacrament happens in the midst of the faith community with the community vowing to nurture the baptized in the faith.  Part of this nurture is Confirmation training when the child is old enough to comprehend the teachings of the Christian faith. At the conclusion of Confirmation the child makes their own confession of faith in Christ which confirms the faith their parents confessed over them in their infant baptism. To arrange for any type of baptism, call or email the pastor.


Telecoil Hearing Loop

Our Church is now equipped with a Hearing Loop in our Sanctuary.  Now anyone with a hearing aid that has a Telecoil setting can much better understand what comes through our PA system.

Click Here for more information about the Hearing Loop.